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A sample of our favorite masterpieces

For over 20 years, KINOVA has relentlessly combined science and art to create
and perfect hundreds of industry-leading Ball Pythons. Here is just a preview of our favorites.


The Most EXPENSIVE Clutch We’ve Ever Hatched! | #Hetflix 196

Combining the Pompeii and Desert Ghost Clown projects made for some incredible looking and very valuable babies!…Find out if we hit the DG Pompeii!

Pioneering Genetic Innovation
for Over 20 Years

Whether you’re trying to produce your dream snake or turn your passion into profit, KINOVA is here to help with your next experiment.

We know we’re a little obsessed. But that’s precisely what it takes to raise the bar. Some might call us mad scientists.

At KINOVA, we obsess over understanding our animals – where they came from and what makes them unique. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries to create something insanely different and beautiful.